Explosive funds come one after another-Incremental funds continue to be popular

Explosive funds come one after another: Incremental funds continue to be booming

Original title: Incremental funds from explosive funds have continued to flow to Lu HaiqingIt has surpassed 30 billion yuan, and over 80 billion yuan have been subscribed for the entire day.

This is also the fifth day of the week following Yinhua Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund, Penghua Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund, Hongde Fengrun Three-year Holding Hybrid Fund, and Bank of Communications Schroder Career Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund.Sold-out explosive funds.

  On January 17, the Guangfa Technology Pioneer Hybrid Fund was officially issued. According to the announcement of the fund, the subscription time is only one day, and the limit is 8 billion US dollars. Sure enough, the fund has been “crazed”.

It is worth mentioning that on December 20 last year, Liu Gezhen had issued an explosive fund-Guangfa Technology Innovation. The fund’s effective subscription subscription confirmation ratio was only 四川耍耍网 3.

3%, a new low placement ratio of public funds.

  The public offering of funds can be described as full bloom.

According to statistics, as of January 17, this year, more than 10 funds need to be proportionately placed, mainly equity funds, but there are also bond funds and QDII funds.

  Oriental Fortune Choice data shows that the scale of active equity funds (equity funds, partial equity mixed funds) that have been established since this year has exceeded $ 46 billion.

In addition, a number of active equity funds have been raised and no announcement has been issued.

  From the perspective of the issuance, of the 12 active equity funds that have been established, 11 have ended the fundraising in advance.

For example, Invesco Great Wall Quality Growth Hybrid Fund raised 67 in two days.

At 23 trillion, the fundraising 重庆桑拿网 time of the rich country leading advantage hybrid fund is also only two days, with a total issue size of 54.

600 million yuan.

  Among them, a number of funds have set a limit on the scale, and the fundraising ends in one day.

On January 13th, three funds including Yinhua Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund, Penghua Technology Innovation Hybrid Fund, and Hongde Fengrun’s three-year holding period were all sold on the same day, with subscription funds totaling more than 17 billion yuan.

  Next Monday, we may welcome another explosive fund.

It is reported that on January 20, Xingquan Fund will issue a new fund, which is planned to be managed by star fund manager Dong Chengfei.

The banking channel has begun to warm up: “The fund is not placed, and each person has a limit of 500,000 purchases. It is expected that the fundraising will end in one day, and it will be bought and cherished.

“After the Spring Festival, the hot trend of new fund sales is also expected to continue.

Sorting out the fund announcement found that nearly 10 active equity funds have issued fund prospectuses and set the issue period after the Spring Festival.

Among them, a number of funds are intended to be under the leadership of a fund manager with excellent performance.

  Obviously, the technology sector has become the focus of the Xinfa Fund’s prey, and it is currently determined that the inflow of funds has exceeded 10 billion yuan.

From the perspective of passive products, Huaxia Fund, the chip ETF to which GF Fund belongs, and China Securities 5GETF to which Yinhua Fund belong to, have all raised funds this week, and the total amount raised has reached nearly 10 billion yuan.Among the equity funds, there are 4 funds that clearly include the word “technology” in their names, with a total issuance of more than 12 billion yuan.